About Debra

I grew up in Alberta, Canada, which, if you like snow, is an awesome place to live. I, however, liked snow about as much as I liked going to the dentist or doing homework. And so, as soon as I could, I hightailed it to sunny California to pursue my dreams of higher education.

I earned a doctorate in Education specializing in organizational leadership from Argosy University in San Francisco; a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Counseling and Student Personnel from San Jose State University, and a Bachelors’ degree in Sociology from Long Island University, Brooklyn New York campus. Sure, New York winters can be brutal, but I loved learning so much I didn’t even flinch at the blustering winds coming off the East River!

In fact, during this time, I absolutely fell in love with leadership and knew I wanted to make a difference on my own college campus.

Over the years this passion has grown and is the driving force behind my desire to help develop individuals into highly-functioning staff and teams that can achieve their goals. I firmly believe that bringing the best out of people will transform them into highly-motivated contributors, bettering the organizations they work for.

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